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Locking the Use of the Images

Posted By: Gautam Desai <desai@m...>
Date: 3/25/1999 9:03p.m.


I am writing a multimedia (kiosk-like) front-end for CDJ. I want to display the current album cover but find that CDJ opens it exclusively. Am I doing something wrong or is that how it works. I also tried to turn off the "Show Music Info" panel but the same thing occurs.

For anyone interested, what I am developing will have caller id support, which can be configured to be spoken through a freely available Text-to-Speech library(Microsoft). You will also be able to map events as you do today with CDJ to events such as OnRing, OnCallerID, etc. this will allow you to do things like mute or reduce volume when the phone rings, have the computer tell you who is calling, etc.. You can define whatever actions you want with whatever devices you choose to load through the INI file. In addition, you can have a voice intro to each track if you want or a voice description of the song while it plays. Through the INI file you can configure one or many message you can have it say to you (inserting things like Artist, Title, Subject using tags such as %Artist%) it will pick randomly from the available messages for variety. Let me know if you think of any other ideas. I don't have much spare time but developement has been moving along so far. I am also willing to share the code if anyone wants to add features and things. The has the ability to do voice control through the Microsoft SAPI interface, but I think it is still pretty weak especially in a music filled environment.


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