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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: CD260 remote question

Posted By: Dave Willis <dlwillis@w...>
Date: 3/30/1999 2:18a.m.

In Response To: Re: CD260 remote question (Phill Stanton)


I think I may be in the same boat as you. I'm trying to figure out the best configuration for a 90ES and a 260. That is, which one should be the master, or maybe neither one should be the master (when the Slink-e is connected).

Iv'e tryed both players as masters. There seem to be tradeoffs either way you do it.

With the 90ES as master:

Using the 90ES remote (RM-DX270):

The remote can control both players. You have to keep the switch on the remote in the CD2 position. You can switch between players by pushing the player select button (toggles between the 1st and 2nd players). You can change discs by pushing the up, down, left & right keys; the disc + and - keys; or the disc key and enter the disc number. The first two methods can be used to switch players when you cross the boundary between disc 200 on one player and disc 1 on the other player. All the buttons seem to work. The TV monitor output of the 90ES and the display on the 90ES track the selected disc and track, whether it is in the 90ES or the 260. In this configuration, the 260 display always displays "REMOTE ON".

Using the 260 remote (RM-D260)

With the remote set to master player which is CD2 (the 90ES), you can use "PUSH ENTER" key to scroll through and select discs and tracks on the 90ES. Selection (pressing the "PUSH ENTER" key) of a disc causes the disc to load and track 1 to start playing. Selection of the track causes the selected track to start playing (the disc will load first if a different disc was playing). All of the buttons seem to work for controlling the 90ES. Here's the klinker: The "PLAYER SELECT" key only switches the remote to the other player, but doesn't switch the 90ES to "2nd player" mode. The result is that when you select a disc or track with the "PUSH ENTER" key and a disc is playing on the 90ES, the 90ES disc keeps playing (doesn't stop)and the selected disc/track on the 260 starts playing. I guess it's OK if the 90ES is in stop mode when you do this. There are other problems though. The TV monitor and the 90ES continue to display the 90ES disc that is playing (or the last one that was playing). The display on the 260 momentarily while loading displays the selected disc and track, then displays "REMOTE ON" when it starts to play. In this mode, with the 260 playing and the 90ES in the PLAYER 1 mode, the only keys on the remote that will work are the "PUSH ENTER"/scroll button and the keys above it (PLAYER SELECT, TRACK, MENU, BACK, POWER ON/OFF). All of the keys below the PUSH ENTER key still control player 1 (the 90ES). This gets pretty confusing, even when you're watching the monitor and the displays on both players. To get the lower keys on the 260 remote (PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, etc.) to control the 260 player, you have to switch the 90ES to PLAYER 2 mode and then switch the remote back to the master player (CD2, the 90ES).

There are a number of ways to switch the 90ES to PLAYER 2 mode: 1) manually select the PLAYER 2 button on the 90ES player, 2) with the 260 remote selected to the master (CD2), using the "DISC SKIP +" key to cross the boundary between player 1 (disc 200) and player 2 (disc 1), or using the "DISC SKIP -" key to cross the boundary between player 1 (disc 1) and player 2 (disc 200), 3) using the 90ES remote arrow keys (UP, DOWN, RIGHT or LEFT) or the DISC SKIP +/- keys to cross the boundary between player 1 and 2.

It is interesting to note that selecting a disc/track using the PUSH ENTER key on the 260 remote will load and start playing the selected disc/track, and switch the 90ES from PLAYER 2 to PLAYER 1 mode when the remote is selected to master. However, if the 90ES is in PLAYER 1 mode and the 260 remote is selected to PLAYER 2, selecting a disc/track on the 260 remote will cause the selected disc/track to be loaded and start playing,

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