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Re: Lost Discs

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 3/31/1999 5:13p.m.

In Response To: Re: Lost Discs (David Golden)

I assume by "lost disc" you are referring to the disc / track icons being faded out to indicate that CDJ no longer knows where the disc is. CDJ will do this for two reasons:

1) The player reports that there is no disc in this slot
2) The player reports playing times for the tracks which are different than it reported originally (e.g. the disc has be switched for another

I haven't seen and bugs in CDJ which make this happen for cases other than (1) or (2). Some people have reported trouble with some players (the 90ES comes to mind) which start to "lose" discs over time. In those cases the player will refuse to play the disc even under manual control. This problem is resolved when the player door is opened and the player re-scans the discs with its optical detector.

Another source of problems is the use of the block or group mode of the player. When the player is in this mode, it will report all discs requested outside of the group as missing, which can quickly grey out most of your library. CDJ has no way of telling that the player is in this mode, although it does get out of this mode at startup. Just don't turn this mode on once CDJ has started...

To recover your "lost discs", I would open and close the changer door, and the instruct CDJ to search for new discs, pushing the radio button "check only slots CDJ thinks is empty".

For my info, what player models are you using?


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