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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Commonly Requested Features

Posted By: Matt Ashenden <matt.ashenden@c...>
Date: 6/24/1999 7:38a.m.

I just found this BBS. Although I did not read everything, I read a lot. Very interesting.

FYI, I noticed that over the months, there were numerous requests for 1) user defined buttons and 2) a screensaver mode.

Regarding user defined buttons, I had also asked Colby for this before I found the BBS. At that time he noted that including a way to create button images was the main obstacle.

Colby, would it be possible to provide user-defined buttons for which the user also can define the icon picture file? That way the button image file could be created using whatever package the user knows and then simply attached to the button. This might be a quick and dirty way of providing this functionality without having to create or integrate a button editor. The buttons could default to display "1", "2", "3" etc. so that they could still be used without an image (in case a user did not know how to do button images, but still wanted to define actions).

Regarding a screen saver mode, having one that displays a few pertinent things like song, album, artist and song duration for the current song and the next one on the playlist in large print would be great. Also, if it could display the related album jpeg file that is being played, then that would be ultimate.

I don't mean to be demanding, but the more I use the Slinke/CDJ, the more I like it and the more features I would like to see incorporated. How about it?

Also, Colby, is there a prioritized list that you work from when adding functionality or is it more a matter of adding what has momentum?

If there is a list, would you mind publishing it in an effort to get feedback from users on their priorities?

I haven't used it yet but the X-10 control functionality sounds cool. Thanks for everything.

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