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Re: Control-S with Sony DSS

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@s...>
Date: 1/4/1999 11:59a.m.

I will second the motion on Peters problem here.

I have a SAT-B2 and a SAT-A2. Both of them have the same problem/behavior as Peters.

They have a Ctrl-S in and a Ctrl-S out. I'm using the Ctrl-S in. The receivers will respond to some of the Slink commands, but not all of them. If I use my remote, I see the

commands being received as dss:power_toggle, dss:menu, etc. The CDE file is proper for all codes received. Only the power toggle, menu and 0-9 keys will transmit. I can't use

cursor keys, guide, favorites, etc.

So the Control-S in only works for some of the commands? There's a first time for everything I guess...


I have a touchscreen app with complete control of my cd, vcr, tv, dvd and amp functions all via S-link, so I know I'm doing this right. Is it possible the DSS has an alternate device

code for sending commands?

I would think not, considering that it IS responding to some of you commands.


ps. I've upgraded amps and now use the DA50ES. Does anyone have an updated AMPIR file to control this with more detail? It seems this also uses separate commands for

receiving and sending.

Do you mean SONYAMPSLS and SONYAMPSLR? These are the S-Link files...

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