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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: SlinkX10

Posted By: Dave Houston <dhouston1@f...>
Date: 1/10/1999 7:39a.m.


I have a Home Automation program (currently freeware) that does X-10 and interfaces with some IR devices as well as several analog and digital IO devices, and other things handy for HA.

I have a Slink-e but haven't yet had time to implement support for it. I plan to work on that next month. A lot of folks use retired 386 and laptops that cannot run 95/98 or NT so I'll be using the low level protocol.

If you're planning to add X10 support to Slink-e then...

1. X10 has the CM14A in beta testing. It can run stand-alone, has if/then/else logic and two-way IR. I have no idea how soon it will be released nor what it will cost.

2. The CM11A supports extended codes and can do a lot more than the TW523 but the CM11A has a well-documented lock-up problem. My suggestion would be to try to support both the CM11A and the TW523.

Here are some URLs that may help.

The 'official' CM11A protocol is at...



CM11A protocol & Linux C source: http://www.prado.com/~dbs

CM11A Unix C source: http://www.danlan.com

The CM11A protocol is a bit nasty to handle.

The documentation for the TW523 is at http://www.x10.com/manuals/technicalnote.pdf

There is some TW523 source code at

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