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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

CDJ sugestions

Posted By: Andre Laurendeau <Andrel@p...>
Date: 1/12/1999 2:11p.m.

I'm a very happy new owner of SLINK-E and CDJ. And I already have some suggestions for CDJ ;-)

1. An all "player off" feature

My computer is always on, with CDJ running. Each time I shut down my players, CDJ resets them to ON. I would love a feature that enable me to shut down my players while keeping my computer and CDJ running.

2. A more friendly interface for TV display

No matter what I do, the interface is always too big to fit on my TV set. If I close the Tool bar, I loose access to too many features (volume etc.) I would love an interface where the button bar would only carry a limited subset of the available commands. It could be something like this:

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