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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Re: UK

Posted By: Tony Butler <tony@a...>
Date: 1/9/00 4:52am

I too am UK based and new to slink. Have pronto and Sony 300 disc changer. Getting slink/changer working together is no problem - creating IR device files for other kit is however :-( I've got my Yamaha amp working okay, DVD player works mostly with default panasonic DVD device file, but my JVC video does not want to work at all - I think the remote continues to xmit a signal until I stop pressing keys, so the slink gets a different signal each time. I can possibly get around this with the pronto by having the pronto send a different signal & the slink xmit the original JVC signal, but that then means I'd have to carry the pronto around with me & the original remote could not be used at all (equiptment in cupboard). The other problem so far is my philips On Digital remote - it seems to send the same signal 2 or 3 times, which the On box sees as a single signal, but the slink sees as multiple signals, hence it xmits the key press 2 or 3 times and I get channel 11 or 111 instead of 1 :-(

Anyway, that's a summary of my successes & failures in the UK - if I can help at all let me know - if you can help at all, let me know!!!

Slink is a brill device - only stumbled across it from a mention in a pronto forum - I think it's largely unknown in the UK which is a shame....


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