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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

GUI Slinke Party Control Interface

Posted By: keith alexander <alexanders@r...>
Date: 1/13/00 11:07pm

FULLWIN mutilation of the CD-SAVER (I have talked about this before)

This version is really cool (IMHO)

It is primarily controlled with my Little one for all remote (pretending to be an AKAI VCR)

Four modes: CD-Saver with fading to avoid burn Popup playlist selection Graphical selection of all the cd covers (this is cool) Minimization and control of my REALMagic DVD

It is far from polished, but here is the source and a compiled version http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Village/5728/fullwin.zip

I have made the keyboard simulate the remote functions to play with it numbers are numbers s stop p play m menu e exit space select The arrows on the AKAI acutally map to 4,6,8,2 so use them to play with it I have added the keypad without numlock to experiment

Try it out, run it after CDJ is running Press one to get the graphical cover selection, move around, and press space to choose the one you want.

M will get you the playlist menu, and same navigation as above m again to cancel it

You will have to change the ini file to point to your playlists directory and to your MDB file

I also added two sort keys 7 sorts by artist 9 by title


Anyone want to help me make this a real good app?

Party GUI for SLINKE

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