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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Crashes after CDDB match in CDJ

Posted By: Ivan Rostas <ivan@v...>
Date: 1/16/00 7:51pm

Hi all

Please forgive whatever error in protocol I might make in this post; I think it is in the spirit of this useful forum.

Received my Slink-E Friday, installed latest CDJ, dl'ed Sysupdate, ran it.

With a nearly populated Sony CDP-CX350 (300 discs), when the CDDB query is made either live or queued, it crashes after the words 'Exact Match' appear. An excerpt from my log is below. I opted to get Slink-E to build the catalog first, and then get the CDDB data in one session ('Queued') but it also fails:

Exception: ACCESS_VIOLATION Read FFFFFFFF Time: 1/17/0 11:18:55 Exe File: C:\PROGRAM FILES\NIRVIS\CDJ\CDJ.EXE 1/12/0 22:02:40 Thread: Main -342975 Address: 5F4012A1 Stack Dump:

Dump Thread: Main ID:-342975 Suspend failed for thread:30 err:259

Dump Thread: SlinkX ID:-276347 Suspend failed for thread:34 err:259

Dump Thread: PlayMusic ID:-423779 Suspend failed for thread:3C err:259 WriteDump off

Can anyone help me make this work. I have some 286 discs queued up to be identified using CDDB, but it falls-over every time. Interestingly, Slink-E serv's icon sits in the tray, but when I close it, i also get a "..program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down..."

I hope this is not too much to put in this type of post.

Many thanks in advance. I have the opportunity to test many Sony s-link devices, and would be happy to contribute testing advice, guys.

Ivan Rostas Gold Coast Australia

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