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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Re: CDJ and CCF

Posted By: John Woycheese <woychees@m...>
Date: 1/17/00 9:16am

In Response To: CDJ and CCF (Jeff Meadows)

If I understand the database correctly (and I'm pretty sure I do), player = -1 signifies a CD that was in one of your CD players, but that is not currently available; e.g., you've removed the CD, the CD skips and so your Sony player marked that slot as unplayable, etc. In other words, you can't access that CD, so you don't need it for your Pronto. Why not simply have the CDJ2CCF program run a query that removes the offending "player = -1" CD's? If you don't want to wait for this, do the following: A) Make a new database and name it Pronto, or some such. B) Link the Albums and Tracks tables (Click Insert->Table->Link Table, select your user database and click "link", then select Albums and click "ok". repeat for tracks) C) Rename Albums to "All Albums" D) Create a query based on "All Albums" that includes all fields ([All albums].*) where [all albums].players not -1 E) Save the query as "Albums" F) Use this database as the basis for your CDJ2CCF file.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, John

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