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Re: File associations

Posted By: Whit Alexander <whit@p...>
Date: 1/20/00 10:35am

I have not had the luck of these gentlemen.

I'm running the 10/15/99 package under Win98. By default installation, CDJ created no command association with the .pla extension. Somewhat surprised that this feature hadn't made it into the install yet, I added my own: "C:\Program Files\Nirvis\cdj\cdj.exe" "%1".

Double-clicking a playlist file launches CDJ, and begins to load the library. Then an error dialog pops up. It gives three numbers separated by colons that appear to be the duration of the playlist followed by this message: "At least one of the discs referred to in the playlist was not found in the disc library. These discs were not included in the playlist." The playlist window is empty. Nothing plays. Click OK to close the error dialog and CDJ operates fine manually, including the ability to load and play the same playlist that was double-clicked.

I suspect that somehow CDJ is not completing the load of the library before it processes the request to load the playlist. Now that the library is an MDB (thank you!), load time is especially "slow", perhaps compounding the issue on some systems.

Another glitch in the playlist file association functionality is that doubl-clicking subsquent playlist files opens new instances of CDJ. Only one instance of CDJ should run. If CDJ is already running when an attempt to launch it with a playlist file association is made, the first and only instance of CDJ should get focus, stop any play, load the new playlist, and start playing it. Now you DCOM gods may have a million reasons why my "spec" is broken, but this behavior seems most useful to naive users like myself.

In fact, I'm confident that I will never be able to get my wife to use CDJ until I am able to put playlist shortcuts on her desktop that let her simply double-click to change "channels". In my humble opinion, ensuring bullet-proof, default playlist file association behavior is the single most important "consumer" feature to polish in CDJ.

Any help appreciated.

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