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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

"Unable To Advise" Error

Posted By: Brian Conte <brian@b...>
Date: 1/23/00 1:58am

Has anyone else received this error when startup up CDJ? I get this perhaps 20% of the time when I start CDJ, and it is a tough error to get around - it seems to require rebooting both the client and server machines, and crossing your fingers.

My setup: * Server machine running SlinkX (1/19 build) on Win 2000 Advanced Server (final released build)

* Client machine running CDJ (1/19 build) on Win98 SE

* DCOM configured according to the help file (though Win98 does not have all the stated security options)

* A single CDP-CX333ES player attached to the Slink-e

As I said, the error happens about 20% of the time that I start CDJ on the client machine (I haven't seen it happen when I start CDJ on the server). What happens specifically is:

CDJ starts to load up. SlinkX starts up on the server mmachine. While the CDJ status box says "Enabling Automation 1/4", the following error appears on the client machine:

Error: Unable to advise Error code = 0x8007000e

When I press OK, CDJ continues to load, it loads in the library (with all discs greyed) and then the status box says "Locating Players" and it stays there. CDJ is not locked up but it doesn't get past this point. On the server a "No sink" error appears, and will keep reappearing if I dismiss it. The only way I've found out of this situation is to close CDJ on the client, which then stops the "no sink" message on the server and lets me close SLinkX there, which then produces a CDJ "page not found" GP fault on the client machine.

Any subsequent attempts to launch CDJ on the client machine produces the same behaviour, until I reboot both server and client machines.

I have tried using a different Win98 machine as the client with the same results. And yes, I ran slinkupdate.exe on these machines before installing CDJ.

(Note to Colby: I have a dump file if you're interested).

Any ideas? Is this happening to anyone else?

Thanks. Brian Conte brian@brian-patti.com

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