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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Environment variables and CDJ

Posted By: Jim Varrone <jvarrone@g...>
Date: 1/24/00 4:20pm

Does CDJ respect any environment variables? For example, I'd like to setup environment variables for things like location of CDJ database, location of playlists and album covers. The reason is that I have CDJ and Slink running succesfully over DCOM on my home network. CDJ resides on my laptop but I've mapped a network drive to the aformentioned file locations for CDJ's use. When I take my laptop off the network, I'd like to set environment variables for the file locations mentioned above so CDJ would automatically look on my local hard drive rather than on the network drive. (I know there's not much I can do with CDJ once I'm disconnected from the network).

It would also be helpful if some of the other CDJ options could be controlled the same way. Namely, "Use Slink-e through SlinkX" and "Record activity to Logfile". This doesn't seem it would be too terribly difficult to implement. Colby, what do you think about this?

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