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Help with CDJREAL please

Posted By: Barry Dacks <barrydacks@d...>
Date: 1/27/00 5:34pm

I've downloaded the beta cdjreal from the user down load section and loaded it on the computer (p250) , WIN 98 rel 1, that runs slinke and cdj. I have used the option that (from my feable memory) allows slinke to be a client to cdj (or visa versa). I think this works as I can use the covers screen saver program, and several of the sample GUI's.

I can bring up the application, put in the proper path for user.mdb and "see" the title that is currently being played by cdj. This particular computer does not have a sound card and I have no desire to play cd's thru my computer's speakers, but when I try to start the encoding, I get an active x error (I'm at the office now and can't remember the number)

I have a 2nd computer , C450 on a LAN with p250, WIN 98 Rel 2. In order to make sure I had all the correct dll's, etc installed, I installed slinke and cdj on this computer. If I start the demo CDJ program on this computer, using the mpeg3 title on the demo data base, it appears to "play" I get no sound thru my computer(this one has a sound card), but I don't know if I have mpeg3 player installed correctly - and really don't care to use it at this time in any case. The only reason I tell you this is that I can get cdjreal to "see" the mpeg3 title that is "playing" on the local computer, but not the titles from the real cdj on the remote computer, even after I put in the proper path to user.mdb. If I try to start encoding, I get the same active x error message that i got on the other computer. Network Neighborhood shows the remote files, etc.

I'm lost!

Any suggestions?

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