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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

MiniDisc Manager / WinAmp plugin beta testers want

Posted By: Will Hollingworth <will@a...>
Date: 2/7/00 2:49pm

I've done some more updates to MiniDisc Manager that I'd like to have tested before I do the official release.

This beta version 0.97 has the following new features:

1. New MD record time remaining indicator (works with all capacities of MD) 2. Fixed bug that caused program to exit if Enter pressed. 3. Added new WinAmp plugin to allow playlists to be recorded from WinAmp to MD:

a) Controls WinAmp playlist and transfers the track titles automatically to MD b) Allows the use of WinAmp DSP plugins (equalizer, audio enhancement etc.) c) Works with all types of media supported by WinAmp (MP3, CD, WAV etc.) d) Displays MD record time remaining and % complete for each track.

The WinAmp plugin works similarly to the CDJ automation feature in that you can send commands via slink-e directly to WinAmp, and receive responses back. At the moment most of the WinAmp commands have been implemented to control WinAmp, but I will be adding more of the advanced features soon to allow specific MP3 (or whatever) files to be loaded and played in WinAmp. I haven't yet documented all of the commands and responses for this plugin, but if anyone is interested in testing it directly for their own application, please let me know.


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