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New Beta Version of CDJ for some people to try

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 2/11/00 4:47pm

I've put a new BETA version of CDJ at the location mentioned below for a small group of people to try. I made it the other day to address some issues people were having, including:

* Disc with the same CDDB ID which aren't actually duplicates * ability to start playlists via DDE * only have one instance of CDJ running * start playlists from the command line * use the LocationValid parameter in the database to represent missing discs, preserving their "last seen" location. * add fields to the album list to view the new CDJID,CDDBID,SONYID,EXACTID

This program uses an new ID key I developed which is much more homogeneously distributed and unique than the CDDB ID. This is BETA software. Make a backup of your library BEFORE running this new version of CDJ as it will make many changes to your library when you save for the first time (tedious too). The new program will still accept old playlist files, so you should have 100% compatibility. I just wanted to post this so that I could give some people a chance to evaluate it. Please give me any feedback you might have.



CDJ Beta

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