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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

CDJ Multi-Changer Question/Problem

Posted By: Bill Holbrook <billrh@m...>
Date: 2/12/00 8:17am

I'm having a bit of trouble with CDJ in a multi-changer configuration. I have a CDX-350 and a CDX300, each of which are connected to my slink-e. They are also interconnected in a master-slave configuration as this appears to be the only way that I can get the audio pass thru to work correctly (I only have one spare audio input on my amp).

The problem is this: When I invoke CDJ slink-e recognizes 4 changers instead of only two. When I select a disk CDJ gets confused and usually reassigns it from player 1 to to player 3 or from player 2 to player 4. I can still play the disk correctly from the library view but when I add selections from reassigned disks to the playlist and try to play them CDJ just skips them.

I tried disconnecting the s-link connection between the 2 changes but the audio from the slave is not passed to the amp. I read the FAQ's and compatibility info and they seem to imply that what I'm trying to do is possible.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I'd appreciate any advice you have to offer.

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