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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Re: Can a Slink-e be used to control a HP 1100 pri

Posted By: Justin Gillis <justingillis@c...>
Date: 2/14/00 8:32am

In Response To: Can a Slink-e be used to control a HP 1100 printer (Bruce Latham)

Boy. Even if you could get this to work, which seems extremely unlikely to me, it would be like using a slide rule to fill a tooth. The Slink-e is designed as a serial interface between Sony S-link CD players and a computer. With custom programming, you could theoretically make it control any serial device, and it does support infrared functions as a way to give control over stereo components that lack an S-link bus. But controlling printers is just not remotely the point. Even if you got it to work, you'd do so through extensive programming; in other words, you'd be writing your own printer driver. Good luck.

Your problem is solvable far more easily and cheaply. Contrary to your impression, Windows readily supports external IR hardware. Belkin, among others, makes infrared transceivers that attach to serial ports. They cost less than $50 and fully support the IRDA infrared standard. Assuming the printer supports the standard, getting a laptop and the printer to talk should be doable. The IR device becomes a "virtual" COM or LPT port through which the printer driver communicates with the printer. It is not obvious from within Windows how to set up *external* IR devices, but the companies that make them include instructions. I've done it and it's a snap.

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