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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Feature Request: Pause-before-Play

Posted By: Evan Robinson <evanr@a...>
Date: 2/20/00 3:14am

I've got a DXS I brought primarily so we could auto-switch 4 players into one digital pre-amp input pretty seamlessly. I have not been able to eliminate "first-second-drop-out" of the first song played after a given player was switched-to (subsequent songs don't seem to be a problem).

After tweaking with forced delay (device:ir[-msec]) and a couple other things (drop out time limit, auto-switching) I still cannot get my pre-amp to consistenly "lock on" to the DXS in time to catch the beginning of most songs. What is extra confusing is that, during the whole event, the L and R indicators on my pre-amp (which I would think indicated a locked stereo digital input) stay lit.

I am wondering if this problem couldn't be worked around by having CDJ force the cd player to pause immediately after the "play" instruction was sent, waiting a token (configurable) amount of time (3 seconds?), then un-pausing the player. From experience with my players and pre-amp, this generally alleviates the lost-first-second problem (when done manually), but I am unsure how to modify the default action taken when playing a track in CDJ so as to have CDJ do this automatically. From within event maps, is there a way to trap the base "play" command? Are parameters such as target player, disc, and track accessible (e.g. as tokens) from within the bodies of event map definitions? If I could "override" CDJ's actions in this fashion, that'd be pretty cool.

... then I'd have the lights dim when a song of category "romantic" came on and time-of-day was after 9pm :-)

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