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Restoring windows in preferred format

Posted By: Andre Nijhuis <andre.nijhuis@t...>
Date: 2/25/00 6:39am


I have set up CDJ such that my laptop with CDJ and the CD-players are stored away. I can control CDJ because I can see the screen of the laptop on any television in the house and I can then manipulate playlist etc. via a remote mouse.

Sometimes my guests make manoeuvres with the mouse, so that the windows (library, playlist, etc.) are completely changed. Even when I close CDJ and start it up again it will not come with my original settings anymore.

In stead of having to restore them in my preferred settings, I think it would be much easier to have somewhere a back-up of the program that actual maintains the information on how the windows are displayed. In that way any time that the windows are dirupted, the only thing I would have to do is to copy the back-up over the changed program and it would be as I want it.

Could anybody tell me which program maintains these settings so that I can make a copy of tht program in order to achieve the above suggestion?



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