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Group file on Sony CX300

Posted By: Steve Thomas <steveth@m...>
Date: 2/29/00 2:02am

CDJ recognized my first 300 disks and then I uploaded the text back to the player. This worked great! Now I'm looking at the group file features. Here's what I've observed:

I selected Transfer Text/Download from Player to CDJ. The custom group memos I'd set up appeared in the group dropdown in the details pane. I also got the group selections for any disks I'd assigned to groups using the player. So far so good.

Then in CDJ I went to some unassigned disks and selected groups for them from the newly labelled drop down. I picked Transfer Text/Upload selected disk memos from CDJ to players. However the group I selected does not appear on the player display. So it appears that I can transfer this information from player to CDJ but not vice versa. This is unfortunate since I'd rather master this data from CDJ with a decent UI instead of having to struggle through Sony's programming steps. Has anybody else had any success with this?

I'm using CDJ Version 1.30 Build 2016.

And while I'm asking here's a suggestion for a further feature tweak that would make this even better. When I multi-select disks the disk details window displays info for the single disk last clicked on. It would be great if this was fully multi select aware. Then if a change was made to the disk details window (e.g. group assignment, slider settings etc.) this could be applied to all selected items. It would then be a breeze to browse through disks and assign these kinds of values in multi select batches rather than one at a time.

Thanks, Steve Thomas

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