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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

CDJ Selection

Posted By: Mike Kropp <mkropp@c...>
Date: 2/29/00 7:26am

CDJ needs to be a little smarter about selection in general. When selecting a bunch of tracks, CDs, etc., CDJ tries to display information about each one as it selects it. This is totally a waste of time.

To see this at it's worst, first make sure the detail tab is displayed. Next, do a search and get a long list of items. Select the first item in the search results. Scroll to the end of the list and shift-select the last item. Watch the detail list. This is a big waste of time and totally bad UI design.

This behavior happens in all windows where multiple selection is allowed.

To give you an idea of the time, on a search that resulted in 1440 hits, the search was practically instantaneous. The selection time was 40 seconds. This was on a 233 MHz machine. Selection should have been as fast as the search.

Who selects this many discs? I do. I frequently search for all tracks of a certain genre that have not been played since such-and-such a date. I then select them, do an explode/shuffle/optimize and create a playlist. I then play that playlist. When I'm through for the day, I select everything that played that day and save it. The next day I load that playlist and play. At the end I select, delete, and save again. A really good shuffle and hear everything in my collection on a somewhat regular basis.

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