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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

To Slink-e or not to slink-e

Posted By: Steve Melee <melees@h...>
Date: 3/6/00 8:17pm

I have in excess of 500 cds in my collection, but with my 5-cd carousel player, I tended to play the same 5 bleeping cds over and over until I got fed up and changed them. And when I do change them, my wife usually changes them back!! Since I've started seeing the 2 or 3 hundred capacity CD changers arrive on the scene, I'd been looking for that allows me to queue songs while listening to music. No luck. I refuse to buy one until they have that feature. I was surfing the net today, looking for such a beast, when I came across the Slink-e. This seems to be almost exactly what I am looking for.

What I want to know is.... is this too good to be true? Do you have to be a techie to set this thing up so that it works reasonably? How does it compare to others I've seen out there such as GrayWolf Jukebox CD Company?

Any input would be appreciated...

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