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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Okay...here's a big question for the design types

Posted By: Peter Baran <aikidoka@p...>
Date: 3/9/00 11:07pm

Any chance of getting a future version of the Slink-e to have an embedded Ethernet port? I personally think that this is very doable...I did some research on the web for them. Now, I'm not the electronics whiz...but I was thinking something that operated a bit like a router...a serial port with some command line configuration (for setting the IP address and such), and an embedded Ethernet controller.

A PC could then reach the device via any IP stack. This would ease things greatly, I would think...in fact, if viable, a future version could use a CF+ card or a Type II PC Card slot to allow the user to select the device of their choice. Of course, someone would then need to right little "drivers" for the Slink-e itself.

My main reason is that we could move towards being able to use some of the emerging wireless networking products. I am cobbling together a system right now to do it...but it is going to have a couple of extra pieces in it to get it to work.

My eventual goal is to get a small hand held comp. fully functional with CDJ on it...that is able to roam the house while selecting/issuing commands. I think I've found all the pieces to kludge it, but the above would really be cool...

Is this doable? Or outside the realm of the current skills of Nirvis? If so, maybe we have some hardware engineers among the user base...

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