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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Re: Okay...here's a big question for the design ty

Posted By: Peter Baran <pbaran@s...>
Date: 3/10/00 11:14am

In Response To: Re: Okay...here's a big question for the design ty (David Aue)

Cool...I don't know about your sales doubts, though...it seems like the crowd that knows about your stuff is pretty techie...

Now, of course, if it supported ONE brand of wireless Ethernet...say you pick ONE to embed into the SLink-e and the same brand has a PC Card, CF+ wireless card (which I would go with the company that has their Bluetooth CF+ one coming out soon), or PCI card versions. Can you imagine how cool it would be to roam around the whole house with CDJ on a color handheld at a party? There are already apps to allow most of the Palm or Windows CE devices to function as a remote. An all in one solution!

The other tack I've tried is to find something that sends Serial wirelessly to a device...and while I've found some, most are cost prohibitive...and I've not found any that support the CF+ form factor for the smaller PDAs. Most of these that I've seen cost in the $600 range for one end of the sending device. These are mostly used to send telemetry and other metering info in hostile shop enviroments...

Another thought...is there anyone that has ported the CDJ fully to the WinCE platform natively?

Thanks for all your hard work....BTW...are you guys interested in wider distribution? There is a company near my house where I buy most of my home automation stuff...and I know they would jump at the chance to sell something like this (I asked when I did a will call pickup). But I hesistated to give them your info as I didn't know if this was a side biz for you guys....didn't want to swamp you with orders and questions.

Peter Baran

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