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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #7

Begging for great GUI for CDJ!

Posted By: Brent Kolitz <bkolitz@b...>
Date: 3/13/00 7:54am

As a brand-new user of Nirvis' products (and one hoping to eventually integrate almost 3,000 CDs into the system), I've read each and every archived post on the BBS. Since July of 1998 to the present, there has been consistent interest in a slick and easy to use GUI for CDJ that would be approachable by spouses, guests, etc. and would be more suited for display on television screens or even on touchpad LCDs (when that becomes affordable). Something just like Escient's user interfaces comes immediately to mind (there are Flash demos of two different GUIs at: http://www.escient.com/products.htm). They could even be further customized with "skins," and ultimately a "GUI builder" application that would enable the user to customize button positions, etc.

Aside from some Nirvis users who have written front ends that are very specific to their own home automation setups (e.g., Barry Gordon), and others like Keith Alexander, who has taken a first step with PartyGUI (which admittedly is extremely limited, both in terms of functionality and visual slickness), there appears to have been virtually no progress in making this become a reality for the Nirvis user base.

I feel guilty complaining, rather than doing something about, but I have no programming skills, only ideas. In an old archived post, Colby himself mentioned that he was going to take care of this but apparently later decided that he would leave it to the rest of us.

Colby, I realize that you are immensely busy supporting CDJ, the Slink-e, and the DXS as it is, but would you please consider taking on this much-needed task (either as a separate program or as a GUI "mode" or "view" of CDJ itself)? This feature seems to be eagerly desired by a great majority of your users.

Thanks for your consideration and support,


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