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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: CDJ and IR

Posted By: Korey Sherwin <koreys@s...>
Date: 1/20/00 9:07pm

In trying to Fix the Locking up of CDJ with IR, I have found that CDJ will NOT lock up if there are NO other IR receivers or transmitters plugged in to it..

The onboard receiver will take it all and not lock up...

I also tried to see if this was a Hardware problem with my Slink-e, so I borrowed a Friends and had the same results.

I have tried running CDJ on 2 separate machines, no difference, as soon as there is any other IR device plugged into the Slinke, it will eventually lock up CDJ with repeating IR commands.

I tested this with the RJ15 cable & Receiver that I received when I ordered my Slinke so I know there are no wiring issues.

Unplugging a Receiver and then Plugging it back in, will unlock CDJ, as soon as a new IR signal is received.

Perhaps it could be a Power Supply issue, the continuous IR is depleting the supply, voltage drops, the IR locks up??

That would make sense if it locked up with every Application, but I can send IR to EZLearn for Days, with no problems, That is until CDJ is launched and watches the IR, then eventually EZlearn will not receive IR as well...

Something for you to try...

-- Korey Sherwin Sound Art, Canada http://soundart.com

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