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Re: Party GUI ADO Dooda Dooda Day

Posted By: Brian Hunt <bhunt01@a...>
Date: 4/11/00 1:28pm

In Response To: Re: Party GUI ADO Dooda Dooda Day (keith alexander)

Keith, now that you are the resident ADO expert I am hoping you have a Palm PDA. There is a free program available from MobileGeneration that converts Access Databases to MobileDB databases that you can carry on your Palm PDA. You can select the columns you convet and I only select the artist, title, player and position. Thus I always have my CD list when I go shopping. I am sure those of you with lots of CDs know the problem of coming home to find you already own the latest purchase!

Anyway the converter needs updating to work with the latest database changes. The Access 2000 level of interface has broken the Access to MobileDB converter. The simplest way would be for you to work the same ADO magic you did with PartyGUI. MobileGeneration say they are looking for an access expert but I don't think this is necessary

Details of the product are as follows

Open Source Access Converter for Windows This converter, given to us by a MobileDB user, will convert a Microsoft Access table to a MobileDB database. Currently, there is no conversion back to Access but the code is included so anyone can extend the converter to do so. This application is freeware, open source so feel free to enhance the application, test it, and send it back to us so we can make it available to everyone!

The software, including source, is downloadable from


Anyway, next time it rains there and you can't face the household chores, give it some thought



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