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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Playlists, Phone ringing and other suggestions

Posted By: Ed Hunt <ed.hunt@a...>
Date: 4/17/00 2:15am

Here's some extra ideas for improvements/new features:

How about a "the phone is ringing, automatically pause the CD-player" mode. If you have a modem connected to your phone line, then when that line rings it is detected by the modem with "RING" appearing on the com port. If CDJ were monitoring that com port too, it would save me running across the room twice, once to find the remote or the PC to pause CDJ (or turn the volume down) and then again to get to the phone before the answering machine picks up. What a life!! Now if I could find a way to get it to read the caller-ID and selectively answer with a deafening tone... ;-)

Next idea: When a track is added to the playlist that is on the same disk as another entry, then it is placed in track order next to that other track or tracks. Shuffle mode and player optimizing (1-2-1-2) should not seperate these tracks, but they may be manually dragged by the user to the order he/she/it wants.

If there are some consequentive tracks on the same disk playing, then the cross-fade operation is not executed during the track transition. It seems stoopid to hear it do so for two tracks which really run together. Also when starting to play from a stop, there's no need to fade-up, or to fade-down when the last track ends. The fade-up/down is only for cross-fading to something else for a smooth transition.

Perhaps there should be a per-track database entries for fade-time to apply at the start and end of each track. The user could set this to 0 (no fade) to 99 (real slow fade-in or fade-out) with -1 meaning use the defaults set on the options page, because I haven't set anything for this track yet. Then I could optimize my cross-fades based on the music's lead-in or out if I had a lot of time to spare.

I'll think of some more stuff soon.


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