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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Closing the loop with DXS/Slink-e/CDJ/etc

Posted By: J Greely <jgreely@c...>
Date: 4/27/00 6:28am

I've been a happy Slink-e owner for quite a while, but when I upgraded my PC, it just didn't seem like a high priority to hook it back up (in fact, it's been so long that I couldn't get the current version to convert my library), because I still didn't have everything I wanted.

I want access to my music collection. I've got a CD/MD player in my car, a portable MD recorder, a spiffy laptop that has Slink and SPDIF ports on the dock, an MP3 player, and of course the desire to transfer pieces of that large archive (three full 200-disc Sony changers with a bunch of new stuff waiting to be added to a fourth) to all of the places where I want to listen to it.

When the DXS was announced, it seemed like just the thing to close the loop. My PC has a SoundBlaster Live with SPDIF input and output, the Sony changers have optical output, and even my little portable MD recorder has an optical input.

Okay, so how do I put it all together? The first step seems to be ordering a DXS with a 4-TOSLink input module for the CD changers and a 2 TOSLink/2 Coax output module to connect to the PC and the MD recorder. Doing good so far?

Second step: buy a DAC to feed the amp on my stereo system. What do people recommend?

Third: a recording application for the PC that will read from a line-in port, record to MP3, and use file names and ID3 tags based on the CDJ database. I haven't found anything like this so far. Help?


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