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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: New CDJ version (beta)

Posted By: John Woycheese <woychees@m...>
Date: 5/2/00 1:10pm

In Response To: Re: New CDJ version (beta) (Colby boles)

Colby- Couple of minor issues. Apologies for the length, but wanted to describe the issues in some detail:

* It was unclear (to me) that the 5/1/00 beta download was only the CDJ executable, not an entire installation package. You might want to mention it on the site.

* I have some disks that were removed (to the car) a while back, and haven't yet made their way home. The old versions of CDJ replaced the disk locatio with a ?. CDJ now displays error message boxes, either stopping play or continuously repeating the last song, if a playlist contains a track from a "?" album. Play continues when I return to the computer and hit the displayed "OK" button a few times. Minor bug-a-boo, and perhaps not worth your time, but there it is.

* I have one jukebox, a Sony CX240. On (somewhat) rare occasions, it is not found when CDJ loads, and all disks are "greyed out." I have noticed on those occasions that the prestartup routine (when CDJ polls all lines for players) does not run (I have the slinkx window open at all times). If I close CDJ and re-open, it usually polls correctly the second time, or at least the third.

* One of my disks, a track of which was on a playlist, took a bit of time to start. Just as the song started, however, CDJ moved to the next item on the list and marked the disk as unavailable. I assume that you have programmed CDJ to assume that there is a problem with a disk if it doesn't start playing after a set amount of time, but can you make the time that CDJ waits user-defined?

* Finally (whew. Thought you'd never get here, eh?), a few of my disks were marked as unavailable during the course of a playlist. I opened and closed the jukebox and manually started playing tracks on these disks, which used to be enough to make CDJ move them back to the "you go, girl" category. Now, however, this only seems to happen if I make CDJ poll the empty slots. What up?

Apologies for the length. Really enjoy using your product and, as you know, have turned my parents into believers with their Xmas present. The music is constantly on at their place, now. Anyhoo, keep up the good work.

Cheers, John

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