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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Help DCOM pls

Posted By: Keith Alexander <alexanders@r...>
Date: 5/7/00 2:15pm

I will try my plea here... I am using PartyGUI split, PartyGUI on my Iopener, everything else on the server, all win98. Turns out for DCOM to work on a peer 98 network there must be a shared connection existing (I fixed this by opening my default graphic from the server, explains the funky can't create server object I was getting periodically) Now heres where I need help: It all works smashingly until my Iopener suspends (this is what I want so it is quiet and inconspicous except when in use) When this happens all h*ll breaks loose, PartyGUI crashes, CDJ crashes (he dies, she dies, everbody dies..) any thoughts? Colby or anyone else using DCOM does slinkeServer survive a violent disconnect of this sort without my crappy code in the way? Any help?Thanks,KJA

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