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Posted By: Michael Jachimowicz <maj7510@r...>
Date: 5/27/00 3:58pm

I am working on a method to update memo text on the fly from a VB 6.0 and C++ 6.0 application. I have a very crude way to do so with keyboard inputs translated to the remote inputs. I do this with VB, and using Keypreview, and Form Keypress events. I convert the ascii codes using ucase(chr(keyascii)) this gives Capitals for the letters. Then I use a case statement to translate them to the number keys of my RM-DX260 remote. I think most of you can figure out the rest using the memo_input command. I noticed that CDJ (Beta 050500) uses a command cdsls:set_memo_text, there is then a bunch of numbers and letters. This command is sent when upload CDJ Memos is selected. Anyone have some insight on the arguments for this command. I notice that it is not listed in cdsls.cde, but the return response is in cdslr.cde which is memo_written. I think this would be an easier way if I could figure out the command. My player is a CDP-CX260. I use cdir.cde, cdsls.cde, and cdslr.cde from Sony.

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