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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: Sony CDP-CX450 & CDP-CX57

Posted By: Dave <dmorgen@a...>
Date: 6/12/00 10:35am

In Response To: Re: Sony CDP-CX450 & CDP-CX57 (Justin Gillis)


>There is one issue re digital outputs: You have to have enough inputs on your >amplifier or outboard decoder, and you have to configure CDJ to switch to the >right input for each player. Or, alternatively, you have to pump analog >outputs from the CD players into a mixer and then into your amp. The deluxe >solution is to buy the DXS switch promoted on the Nirvis board.

Digitally, the output will be going to my portable MD player/recorder, as needed. So I'll have a digital cable connected to the output of each CD player. I'll plug the MD player into whichever one contains the CD I'll be recording. I'd love to be able to program across CDs to build compilations, but I guess I'll have to live without that.

One problem I have is possibly not enough analog inputs on my amp, unless I can use a TV or VIDEO input. In that case, I guess I'll try to pickup some cheap mixer. I don't want to pay for the deluxe solution!

>No. 2. I think Colby is still beefing up support for the 450 and it may not be >totally there yet, but should be soon. However, what do you mean by "support" >for these particular features? CDJ builds a database of every CD you own that >includes title, artist, song titles and, if you want, lyrics and album covers. >It's so powerful that most people make it their only interface and wind up >ignoring the clunky group file features and so on that Sony includes with the >players. However, CDJ will *upload* its data to your player, so that you'd get >a display of group and album title when a particular CD is playing.

The 450 has a separate list of up to 200 (I think) artists, 13 characters each. An artist can be assigned to each CD, as can a group. It would be great if CDJ supported the upload of the artist list, and assigning an artist to each CD. It sounds like CDJ has the information in its database. The question is whether it uploads this artist information to the 450.

Can CDJ capture lyrics & album covers automatically?

>Hope this helps. I am no technical genius and I was able to get it all set up >after some trial and error.

It helps. Thanks!

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