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Re: 6/12 version, players go berzerk

Posted By: Steve Rausch <rauscs@w...>
Date: 6/15/00 6:33pm

In Response To: Re: 6/12 version, players go berzerk (Colby Boles)

I was not aware of the policy. They were working (or at least I thought they were!) a few versions back in this configuration. (CX270 master, CX250 slave). This configuration is listed as a viable config on the website, so I assumed it would work.

I was hoping for a some-of-both-worlds solution; the ability to use the remote control and Sony video output to select single disks, pause, fast forward, random play, etc for disks in both changers - without CDJ involvement. Adding to that, the CDJ ability to build playlists easily and display song titles and times via screen saver is really cool. I already had my library of disks loaded into the CX270 when I got the slinke, so it was no big deal to continue to update both with new CDs.

Questions! 1) If I un-chain these babies and put them both on their own port, am I now forced to carry around my keyboard in order to pause, stop, skip, etc? Or, can I use the nifty slinke IR capability to run this through my existing remote (marantz 2000MKII learning remote) somehow? Should I care? 2) Will I need to run these into two amp inputs or mix them via an outboard mixer? It seemed to work unchained with the master/slave audio still hooked together into a single amp input, but....

Thanks in advance for your opinions, suggestions, etc.

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