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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: DCOM, Win2K & CDJ

Posted By: Jon Young <Slinke@J...>
Date: 6/17/00 4:33am

In Response To: Re: DCOM, Win2K & CDJ (Doug Phillips)

I changed a machine on the network recently and lost CDJ using DCOM. It turned out to be a flakey NIC. Either the card itself was shot or the software stack didn't work very well. I gave up and squandered another PCI clot on a new card with different drivers and it sorted itself out. Now I'm back to running cdj and slinkserv on the machine next to the CDP's with the other PCs set up to display the CDSaver screen saver. There are 5 PC's working like this. The machine with both CDJ and slinkserv updates the database and just monitors the players which are in master slave mode. I use the PC in the study to kick off play lists. The beta versions of CDJ have terrible trouble in this mode, they can't identify whats playing and what's next. Everything gets screwed up V.quickly, I remember Colby saying the beta slinkserv was now task based and this could be the problem, the older versions didn't exhibit this behaviour. On DCOM, you don't mention whether you are using the PDC as the name server or whether you have the W98 set up for user level access control obtaining the list of names from the PDC or share level access.

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