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Dcom No more

Posted By: Barry Gordon <Barry@t...>
Date: 6/18/00 8:41am

If you are having trouble with DCOM there is a better way. Go to the URL provided and down load their latest distribution of VNC (Virtual Network Computing).

I am running 1 4 computer system, all windows 98SE. One is my general development system, one is the HT Control computer one is the Internet accesspoint (firewall) and home automation application, and the last is my Wifes machine.

It took me about 1 minute to set each machine up with the system. I set it up so that when a machine starts it loads the VNC server (all systems except my development system. (There is extesive documentation and help). On the client I put the shortcut to the VNC viewer on the task bar for quick access.

Whever I want control of the other system (in the PC anywhere sense or the Carbon copy sense, I start the viewer and tell it the name of the server (yes, netbios names work, excpt on the NAT machine where I have to give it an IP address (bug?). I know get the full screen of the remote machine and the keyboard commands and mouse movements can come from either the remote or the real machine.

Supposedly I should be able to dial into my machines (they all have modems) and be able to get a connection providing i am running a TCP/IP stack. This is also described in the documentation. I also believe you can run the server remotely through a web interface but i have not tries that yet either.

It tokk me all of ten minutes to get all of the systems working (with the exception of the wifes, since I am not allowed to touch that except with her permission)

VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge

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