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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: IR control of computer functions

Posted By: Bob Kelly <rlkelly1@a...>
Date: 6/20/00 12:28pm

In Response To: Re: IR control of computer functions (Colby Boles)

Using system level macros and the CDJ 'shell' command you can simulate keyboard intput to another application.

I use Iolo's Macro Magic which can, if desired, save a macro as a shortcut on your hard drive. Just build a macro to send the desired keyboard input into a specific application when it's executed, and tell CDJ when to execute the macro.

Extending the default map.txt file's example, you could use that spare vcr remote to control your software DVD player. If you added the following command to your map file:

vcr:play {shell[c:\macroname]}

the macro 'macroname' would be started everytime the vcr remote's play button was pressed. Of course you have to have a device file defined and loaded for the remote.

Macro Magic can do loads to help you automate you programs...highly recommended!

Iolo Macro Magic

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