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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Delphi and Active X events

Posted By: Dennis Laslo <dlaslo@e...>
Date: 6/25/00 5:17am

I wrote an IR program using Delphi 5/Win 2000 (Delphi puts a container around the Slinke Active X) and the darn thing works fine for sending IR - but doesn't trap the OnDeviceEvent - so I'm dead in the water.

I surmise from some user groups that some additional Delphi coding is necessary. Has anybody out there had this problem?

Note the following user group question I cut & pasted regarding a similar question for C++:

Question and Answer Database

FAQ2783C.txt Events show up but are not fired. Category :ActiveX Platform :Win95/NT Product : C++Builder3.x

Question: I am using a 3rd party active X control in my project. In the object inspector I set events to specific functions but the functions are never fired. How do I get these events to fire?

Answer: What you may need to do is set the events manualy in the constructor, ie:

MyObject->OnEvent = MyObjectOnEvent;

This has been known to work in many instances.

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