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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: Is this program worth getting

Posted By: Dennis Laslo <dlaslo@e...>
Date: 6/25/00 6:23am

In Response To: Is this program worth getting (rich)

In addition to the other comments, I'd like to plug the manufacturer (Nirvis). I was very pleased with the hardware quality and the people here. All top notch.

I was hand typing the CD databae into my Sony changers and thought there must be a better way and found the Slink-e. It read all of my 400+ CD's and grabbed the titles and track info from the web....plunked it into a database...and now I can easily find songs, create playlists, and access all of the above using a handheld remote (the latter takes programming skills)

Conclusion: Great idea, good buy.

PS: There is a learning curve for some of the bonus feature you get (like X-10 control, LAN access, and IR functions) and I'd guess you need an entry level expertise of weekend programmer or higher??

PPS: Wish list. If the Nirvis folks want to retire early - they could take it a step further and manufacture the "missing" stereo component - a mini PC with a TV as a monitor, control of the various stereo components (super remote), X-10, phone, voice, and web access, etc. with a HomeLink LAN hook-in via the telephone plug.

Or maybe control via a 3M Pilot?

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