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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Re: Delphi and Active X events

Posted By: Dennis Laslo <dlaslo@e...>
Date: 6/26/00 5:19am

In Response To: Re: Delphi and Active X events (Jon Welfringer)

I didn't import the OCX under previous versions. My Code for the ADD Device is as follows (example of tw6 of them - all similar ). // B & K Receiver Device:='BK'; DeviceFile:='C:\program files\nirvis\device files\B & k\receiver.cde'; temp:=slinkx1.AddDevice(Device,Devicefile,BKid,numberslinkes,port); //$FF0

if temp<0 then application.messagebox('Device Duped or B&K IR File Missing!','Warning',MB_OKCANCEL) ;

if temp<0 then application.terminate; // slinkx1.ReportNoMatch:=1;

// Onkyo Device:='onkyo recever'; DeviceFile:='C:\program files\nirvis\device files\onkyo\receiver 939.cde'; temp:=slinkx1.AddDevice(Device,Devicefile,OnkyoID,numberslinkes,$20); //Port 4 if temp<0 then

With Application do


messagebox('Device Dupe or Onkyo IR File Missing!','Warning',MB_OKCANCEL) ;



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