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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #8

Printing or extracting parts from the database

Posted By: Andre Nijhuis <andre.nijhuis@t...>
Date: 6/30/00 4:04pm

I am very pleased with the way CDJ works and controls my two CD players (CX 260/350). But I do mnoy always want to control the players via the P. So I would like to make a print out of my CD's with only the player location, Artist name and CD name. By the look of it I can not do this straight out of CDJ. Can I extract a part of the user.mdb to an Excel file so I can make my own print? I can not open the user.mdb with Access either (although I would not even know what to then anyway as I never work with Access).

Other question: I would like to sort my CD's alphabetic and per genre. To do this now I actually sort the CD's alphabetically in the players themselves. But this is dramatic when adding new CD's Can I not use a field like "Exact ID" to give the sequence I would like (but if this is possible, how do I edit the field; it does not let me add/change anything in the field, though the field is empty)?

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