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Re: Got new CPU; still have problems...

Posted By: Jon Young <Slinke@J...>
Date: 7/1/00 5:03am

Yes, me. The beta versions of slinkserv all exhibit the same behaviour. Loosing the time sink, starting the same track over and over for ever, starting a track then starting it again, failing to que the next player.... I've given up trying to get the beta versions of CDJ to control the players, I thought it was because I had them in xfade mode ( no problem with master slave mode 240 and 205 uk players )and it was confusing itself when the time signal from the player starting came before the end of the track playing, but no, without xfade and setting cdj to start the new track after the end of the last it still goes wrong. When I leave CDJ to just monitor the players and set the screen savers to show me whats playing ( the players are in the basement ) it still has trouble when the shuffle mode picks the next track, it will display that breifly then ( if I'm lucky ) go back to the track playing. The devices panel doesn't reflect the timestamp although the main window title bar does. Colby - Let me know if you want a log to help diagnose anything.


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