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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Feature Request - Very Minor

Posted By: Matt Ashenden <mashenden@c...>
Date: 7/7/00 11:34am

Nirvis, my compliments on a great product, but I have one small request - add "Play Next" as an option when you right click on a selection. It would complement the "Add to List" and "Play Now" options.

I typically use my Slink-e in a party environment, effectively as a jukebox. I set it up to play in shuffle mode so thatmusic continues if nobody selects anything. However, more often than not, plenty of songs get selected, often to the point that the playlist gets very long. Then when I come along and decide I want to hear a song sooner than the end of the playlist, it would be easy if this feature existed (I realize I can drag and drop, but this would be easier and more user friendly:)

Actually, all too often an overly-eager friend decides to select Play Now and it shuts down the song that is playing (boo, hiss… PARTY FOUL).

This feature would also work well in a scenario where I am playing from a saved playlist. Again I'd like to be able to insert a non-playlist song to be played next.

This reasonably simple feature would be sooo great.

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