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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Parsing and recognition of IR

Posted By: Brian Paulsen <brian@t...>
Date: 7/10/00 5:26pm

I'm working on a Perl package (in Linux) that would control the Slink-e and I have a bunch of questions...

1) I have the code set up to read the IR and convert it to RLC. I can also take the RLC that was generated and covert it back to int8 format and successfully transmit it. What I now want to do is set up a list of IR commands that my program should know about and have the program take specific action based on the IR sequence that was received. Does anybody have any good ways to recognize and identify an IR sequence?

2) The next step is to start recognizing and controlling devices over the S-Link ports. Any suggestions on what I should be looking at. My understanding is that I should look at the device files, and all will be explained in there. Is that correct?

All in all, I also want to thank Colby for making the source available and easy to read. It enabled me to create the Perl package in about one weekend. When it is finished (should be done within a few more days) I'll post it here so that everybody can take advantage of it. I'm also planning to add it to CPAN.


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