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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9


Posted By: Dave <dmorgen@a...>
Date: 7/17/00 7:31am

I'm running the 6/12/00 version of CDJ. I've discovered a crashing bug:

I replaced the CD at P1-D74 with a different one. I tried searching for text for this slot ... a dialog flashed too quickly to read & that was it. Then I deleted the CD in CDJ & tried text search again ... it still didn't work. CDJ started acting weirder & weirder until it hung. Now CDJ would hang when restarted (after reboot), even if I replaced the database with a much older version.

I figured it out ... the CD Player was playing the new CD! I don't remember if it was playing all along. But I stopped the CD Player ... CDJ worked ok.

It seems that having a CD playing (at least a deleted or replaced CD) confuses CDJ!!!

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