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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Re: Creating CDE files

Posted By: Doug Phillips <dougp@h...>
Date: 7/19/00 9:59pm

In Response To: Re: Creating CDE files (ian cole)

I'm using the ampsls.cde and ampslr.cde files that came with CDJ, mapped to devices 50es and 50es_rec. The device 'phantom' is used to control CDJ from an IR remote, and that works great. I have the following in my map file, but the commands to change the input source don't work. :(

cdjr:pre_startup {} cdjr:startup {50es:power_on} cdjr:using_player[cd1] {50es:cd} cdjr:using_player[cd2] {50es:video4} #DVD input cdjr:using_player[cd3] {50es:video2} #LD/CD player cdjr:using_player[cd4] {} cdjr:using_player[cd5] {} cdjr:using_player[mp3] {50es:video3} #computer output cdjr:vol_up {50es:vol+ 50es:vol+ 50es:vol+ 50es:vol+ 50es:vol+ } cdjr:vol_down {50es:vol- 50es:vol- 50es:vol- 50es:vol- 50es:vol- } cdjr:mute_on {50es:mute_on} cdjr:mute_off {50es:mute_off}

phantom:play {cdj:playlist_play} phantom:stop {cdj:playlist_stop} phantom:pause {cdj:playlist_pause} phantom:>>| {cdj:playlist_next} phantom:|<< {cdj:playlist_prev} phantom:shuffle {cdj:playlist_shuffle}

phantom:track { cdj:shell[partygui.exe,,c:\program files\nirvis\partygui] }

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