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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Anyone using PartyGUI on TV with Pronto?

Posted By: Tony Seiffert <ASeiffert@a...>
Date: 7/22/00 10:03am

I'm just getting started with this and need some direction in setting up my Pronto to control a Sony CDP-CX400 using my TV and the PartyGUI software. I would prefer this approach (escient like) over sorting through my CD titles on the Pronto.

1. What is a good method/device for displaying/controling PartyGUI on my TV? 2. Can my Pronto be used in Mouse mode to control the curser on my TV? 2. What Device do I need to define on port IR0 in CDJ? 3. Do I need to set-up a Maps file in CDJ to do any of this? 4. Does any one have a .ccf you can send me to help get started?

Maybe we can start a "How to" link on this site to help provide ideas and directions to new users who are tring to integrate their software/hardware. I've tried to search through all of the previous posts to gather this info but could spend many hours and still not find what I need.

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