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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

pre-order questions

Posted By: josephgay <josephgay@a...>
Date: 7/23/00 9:33pm

Well, this sounds like the product I've always wanted but never thought existed. It appears that most are very happy with the product and that there is alot of user involement -- which says alot to me about the product. My primary concern is that instead of using my actual cd's, I first use Sound Forge to "normalize" the volume to keep loudness constant from cd to cd and then burn tracks to a CDR. Here are my related questions.

(1) Is there any problem entering song data manually or problems using CDR's? (2) How well does it handle crossfades? Currently, I add a few seconds to some tracks to keep Sony crossfade from starting too early. Is this still necessary? (5)Does CDJ and required system files come on disk with purchase of Slinke? (6 Are there any issues with NT 4.0 sp 4 -- i.e. are there any other special steps that should be taken? (7)What is the maximum length of cable from Slinke to CD player(s)? (8) I read about the Party GUI (sounds cool), can I use it to access play lists instead of cds?

About the DSX. . . (1) Does the DSX handle crossfades using optical cd outs? (2) If I have a Digital Receiver, which has its sole input connected to a DVD, can I instead connect the DSX to the receiver and everthing else to the DSX? (3) Any strong recomendations for or against using DSX instead of analog mixer?

Sorry for all the questions, but I am just trying to make sure that this is the right product. Thanks!

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